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Reviewing Andrew Ng's Deep Learning Course: Neural Network and Deep Learning

Feeling rather good about myself as I'm writing this as I've just completed the first course of Andrew Ng's latest Deep Learning specialization on Coursera. I've been meaning to learn about Deep Learning for quite awhile now but haven't been able to wrap my heads around the theory aspect of it for longest of time.
Previously, my foray into deep learning has been via Udacity's Deep Learning materials, random internet articles, and the Deep Learning textbook.

Yes. THE textbook. 
Bought it from Amazon a few months ago, and am still going through the pages. Still finding it tough to find the time between going through a few pages, the day job, and sorting out the kids at night. From what I've gone through so far, I'd imagine that I would need to brush up on my rusty math in order to be able to fully appreciate the book.
I have a confession to make though.
I never really did go through Andrew Ng's first ML course (gasps!). I know, I know..the course is …

Setting Up Docker for Windows 10

Didn't really had any use for Docker until today. Was trying to follow a course via Safari Online, and long story short - I'd probably need a docker to simplify setting up all the infra.

Except setting Docker itself turned out to be quite a problem for me.
Here's how I got it to work.
1. Downloaded Docker (community edition) from their website (
2. Installed it. 3. Checked whether hyper-V is enabled. (Go to task manager -> Performance -> CPU and you should see as section as "Virtualization : Enabled") [1] 4. Open up PowerShell 5. Use 'docker-machine create ' to create a virtual machine. I named mine 'box' 6. Configure your shell (refer to image)

Reference:  [1] :