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Book Review: Weapons of Math Destruction (Cathy O'Neil)

This post marks my first attempt in trying to force myself to gain a better understanding of the books that I've read. Previously, I find myself reading books after books without being able to recall the important things that I've learned earlier.

It's rather frustrating to be honest.

So I'm trying this out as a way for me to push myself to understand the book and synthesize the various concept and ideas that are conveyed from the book.

A disclaimer: My reviews will not attempt to be neutral or unbiased - as I feel that any attempt for me to try and write such kind of a blog post would result in a dry and boring outcome.

Guess you could say that it'd probably be much more of a rant rather than review.

Moving on.

I bought the book from Amazon quite awhile back in April and it has been on the shelf for quite sometime as I was another book at that time. The outline is rather interesting, as it highlights the pitfalls of big data implementation from a first person poi…