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Setting Up Tensorflow (with CUDA) for Windows 10

Below are some of my rough notes on how I've setup my Windows 10 laptop to use Tensorflow with CUDA.

My reference: the following NVidia drivers:
CUDA Drivers ( Currently it's CUDA Toolkit 8.0. Can install using the installer downloaded.CUDNN - CUDA for Deep Neural Networks ( Currently it's 5.1. Once extracted, place the files in the respective directory along with the other CUDA files in the NVIDIA Toolkit folderSetting up Tensorflow (CPU)

Setting up Tensorflow (GPU)

Note: It's 22/2/2017 now and Google have recently released their Tensorflow 1.0, which might've rendered the above guide obsolote (i've haven't tested them yet).

Update (23/2/2017):
The above basically creates 2 new anaconda instance for you to play with. I like this approach since i…