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Create ad hoc wifi network and monitor mobile traffic

1. First off, ensure that you have a wired connection to your laptop.

2. Using Lenovo Access Connections, ensure that your laptop is connected to your LAN.

3. Go to 'Mobile Hotspot'. Fill the necessary details. Start the network.
4. From your mobile, you should be able to see the SSID. Connect to it.

5. From Windows, find out which network is your wifi using. In our case it's 'Wireless Network Connection 7. 
6. Initially you will not see the connection being able to connect to the internet.
7. Go to Local Area Connections.

8. Go to Properties, then Sharing. Enable your sharing to allow your adhoc wifi network to connect to the internet via your LAN.

9. Allow the needed services.
10. OK everything.
11. Wait for a few minutes to allow the changes to take place.
12. Your mobile should now be able to connect to the internet via your laptop.
13. Install Wireshark and monitor 'Wireless Network Connection 7'.