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Natural Language Processing by Stanford

Below is a great course by Stanford University on Natural Language Processing. There hasn't been any recent sessions as of late in Coursera, but you can still access the archive at this link.

I'm currently working on my capstone for the John Hopkins Data Science Specialization, where we're asked to build a data product that is able to predict the next sets of word based on what users type into a textbox - similar to stuff like Google Autocomplete or Swiftkey.

Pretty psyched about it - looking forward to the challenge! :)

Behavioural Economics

Below are a few notes (most are copy pastes) of stuff that I've covered during my time at Dilip Soman's Behavioural Economics online course at edX.

The topic is a recent interest of mine after spending some time earlier this year learning about social graphs and basic graph theory in general. So as a natural extension to that, a question that comes to mind is, how do people make purchasing decision?

The notes have been mostly compiled in Slack - somehow I kinda take a liking in the way the notes there get formatted. It's relatively easy too - perfect for lazy people like myself.

Below are the public links of my notes in Slack with regards to the topic:
Early General NotesA Theory of Decision PointsChoice OverloadGlossary of ConceptsConsumption VocabularyRecent Nudge ExperimentsDecision AidsDisclosure One thing that I really like about the course is that it also talks about how to conduct experiments should you have an idea that you'd like to test. Below are some notes: