Using R with Shiny

Lately I've been studying Shiny and how to use in R.

It's a cool arsenal to have while using R as you can really quickly develop a data product right from R itself. Of course you could say load the data up in tools like Tableau or Qlik Sense are have a much cooler/sexier visualisation - but that's not the point I'm trying to bring here.

For a quick preview of what I managed to conjure up with Shiny, pop over to Social Network .

Couldn't help it - it just had to be a network graph - again :P. A real sucker for graphs I am.

Anyways, what it aims to demonstrate are how from a social network graph like that, you can derive the centralities (degree, closeness etc) and from there - the roles of each nodes based on how they are connected to each other. I'll not be making the claim that it's correct in any way - it's just something that I've picked up from Drew Conway, based on his presentation on Socio-Terrorism.

For more details - check out the codes in my Github.

Update: Also made the slides for them. Available here at Rpubs.


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