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Notes on R Machine Learning Packages

The below excerpt are taken from this page. Copying it here for future reference in finding the right R packages for different types of analysis - god knows it's hard to find the right packages in R. :)

Several add-on packages implement ideas and methods developed at the borderline between computer science and statistics - this field of research is usually referred to as machine learning. The packages can be roughly structured into the following topics:Neural Networks : Single-hidden-layer neural network are implemented in package nnet (shipped with base R). Package RSNNS offers an interface to the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS). An interface to the FCNN library allows user-extensible artificial neural networks in package FCNN4R.Recursive Partitioning : Tree-structured models for regression, classification and survival analysis, following the ideas in the CART book, are implemented in rpart (shipped with base R) and tree. Package rpart is recommended for computing CART-…