Learning R using Swirl

Swirl is an R package that turns your R console into an interactive learning environment. From the readme file of the Swirl github:
This is a collection of interactive courses for use with the swirl R package. You'll find instructions for installing courses further down on this page. Some courses are still in development and we'd love to hear any suggestions you have as you work through them.
The github contains a few ready made courses that use can use to learn R while also learning about other data science related subjects. Current available courses in the repository are:

1. Exploratory Data Analysis
2. Getting and Cleaning Data
3. Mathematical Biostatistics
4. R Programming
5. Regression Models
6. Statistical Models
7. Overview of Statistics
8. Data Analysis

Most of them are based on John Hopkins Data Science Specialization Coursera online course. So even if you have not registered to the course - you could still learn about those topics on your own.


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