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Assign select result to variable in Netezza stored procedure

Now THAT is a lengthy title for a blog post.

Am currently working on stored procedure to calculate Dijkstra's shortest path when I ran into this problem (as stated above).

Looked through Netezza's Stored Procedure guide but couldn't find anything of use (perhaps I was not looking hard enough.

Unfortunately for me even more when most of the SQL-variants out there also couldn't point me in the right direction (even PostgresSQL!)

After examining the error code in Aginity multiple times, I tried to infer that the INTO probably had to be put after the statement, since the error message was complaining something about not being able to do select a variable before doing an INTO.

So what if the variable was put after the INTO?

Maybe even after the whole statement itself.

vID varchar;
vESTIMATE integer;
select '5','8'--id , estimate,
select row_number() over (order by estimate) row_num,id, estimate 
where done = 0
order by estimat…

Visualizing Social Network - Part 2

In Part 1, I wrote mostly about how I ended up working in SNA and I touched a bit on how Gephi can be used as the simplest solution to visualize your network.

If you're good in JavaScript - the source generated by Gephi would've given you some idea on how to expand it further to have more selection panels and filtering capabilities.
Unfortunately for yours truly - I suck at it. 
Of course while I could spend some of my precious time learning a new language, I guess I could also make use of some ready-made tools available in the market.
I chose Qlikview in this case. Mostly because it has a free personal license (who doesn't like free stuff right?) 
Traditionally - Qlikview doesn't support network graph visualization in any of it's out-of-the-box widgets. However, the beauty/strength of Qlikview in my opinion is it's support for extended plugins - which they call extensions. Using JavaScript, one has the ability to create any sort of visualization that is not n…