Journey in Data Science

Working in a team of data science enthusiast can have it's benefits. In our team of a few, none of us can claim we're good in data science and/or big data analytics as we're pretty much new in this field. Data scientists are hard to come by, and most articles out there can attest to that. Accenture in this suggested a nice idea in their article "The Team Solution to the Data Scientist Shortage", if a data scientist person is hard to find - why not have/build a team that has the necessary skills of a "data scientist"?

Inspired by this, I've set myself a goal to at least master some of the necessary skills that make up a data science guy.

8 skills of a Data Scientist, from the Accenture article mentioned above.

Which makes sense really. To be a master of all the above mentioned area would consume an insane amount of time. Thus to be able to segregate the task around and focus on achieving the end goal - together - as a team; would mean that we could get stuff done faster and reap the result sooner rather than wait for that data scientist to come to our team's doorstep.  


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