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Unable to drag and drop icon from Desktop

Had this problem recently where I don't seem to be able to drag and drop any of the icons that I have on my desktop.

I could copy and paste them though - so there is that workaround. But still - to have to do that for everything that I want copied/moved over to some other folder is really annoying.

Googled the problem, and I believe the consensus in the below link gives the best answer.

Basically what I did to solve my issue was just to press the 'ESC' key a few times. More technical details on why it worked is in the link above (go read them there! I'm not going to simplify things for you :P ).

Powerpoint 2010 slows when changing font

Had this problem recently when creating some slides for work. It seems that whenever I tried to change the font or resize my text, the program slows/lags/hangs for awhile before making the changes and allowing me to do anything else.

After some googling, I found that others have been complaining about Powerpoint 2010's performance as well, but it seems for them the program slows down whenever they tried to type stuff in.

Among the workaround suggested are:
1. Hide background picture.
2. Enlarge the preview slide that is on the left-hand side.
3. Turn off live preview.
4. Tune some printer setting (maybe the program is trying to find some printer or something, so turn that off)

Cutting things short - the third one did the trick for me.