When your video can't play

I've had this problem (ok,..so I usually write a how-to when I got a problem to fix) whereby my recently acquired laptop (my last one was stolen..#uck#n thieves..) was not able to play any movies at all.

Talk about NOT being able to play movies on your laptop! Such blasphemy! Ok, so I know that you're not even suppose to go around and watch a movie using your company's property, but I mean come on..who does'nt?

Anywho, after months of surviving without my own able-to-watch-laptop (I've been using my wife's since then :P ), recently I found this comments which attributed my problem to a DirectDraw problem. Full coverage of that thread here : System freezes when trying to play ANY movie

So after disabling the hardware accelaration on my laptop - I could play them movies again! Yippee!

Time to watch some episodes of the X-Men cartoon (the one that usually airs at 7pm back then) that I've been downloading.


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