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How to Transfer a File into a Remote Desktop with shitty VPN connection

Few days back I was in this situation where by I had to transfer some files over to a remote desktop (aka the client's server). The shitty part I can't send files over through any websites or webmail; they've banned it all. No FTP softwares and the worst thing is, every time my manager sends them email with the attached packages; them packages are not sent through. Don't know where it got filtered..our site or theirs (I assume it's their's). Some thoughts are given also on mapping my drives so that it'll be accessible at the remote desktop; but some people have that said (read other blogs) the method only works if the remote desktop is not using Win2k and below. So again...i hit a wall.

Anyhow, that's where this trick comes in. In essence you turn your file into something readable (read ASCII) and copy and paste the text over the remote desktop. One thing to note though is that not everything can be easily read by the notepad. Introducing 'uuencode&#…